THE WORKING CULTURE OF MULCH DESIGN Nestled in the historic district of lovely downtown Bend, we feed off of eachother's ideas, this beautiful environment, and all that the Northwest community, mountains, rivers and desert have to offer. Our outdoor environment and gardens dwarf our indoor work area. Meetings frequently take place outside under the trees, next to the vegetables, or the greenhouse. The creativity that flows with each project comes from knowing our clients over time. Building long term design relationships allows us to evaluate patterns, trends and feedback on materials as the businesses grow. Through this, solid branding is achieved, even with the ever changing needs of a company or organization. Our process mulches together many ideas and approaches from diverse experience and we strive to try something new with a client each project. Our work is as good as our clients; without whom we could not push the boundaries of graphic design and sustainable business. Big ups to our clients!

We are seeking a talented individual for part-time+ internship/entry-level design and production position. A recent graduate might find this job perfect if they wish to freelance as well as have the stability of working and learning in a professional environment, while living in a beautiful location. This job is in-house, and requires a great deal of attention to typography and graphic detail, perseverance toward being a good designer, as well as being ecologically motivated at heart. Having a sustainable, conservative approach to use of materials and being conscientious with client’s resources/budgets/waste not just a plus here, it’s a requirement. Please check out our work and company mission to better know us. This job can be temporary (12+ months please) or more permanent.
Portfolio, talent, demonstrated type skills and motivation are more important than experience. Thinking different is essential. Please be prepared to direct us to a site with samples of your school or real work, or have a print portfolio to demonstrate your skill. Seeking an open individual who is sweet yet tough, crazy but can sit down and work hard, and doesn’t mind being with kooky people in a small environment.
Office is right downtown nestled in a big garden. Environment is casual but be prepared to step it up if necessary. Hours: typically 3 days a week, more as summer progresses. Pay is $9-$15/hr (DOE) which is great for Bend. Not city wages....but this isn’t the city exactly. If you keep growing, so can the position—we're ultimately looking for someone to grow with us. Perks include occasional all-expense-paid conferences and interesting trips, exposure to diverse materials, great ideas, good music, paid lunches, organic coffee, chill atmosphere, great clients, trade bonuses and flexible hours. For now, this is a contract position. Sorry, we’re unable to provide relocation benefits.
If after reviewing the job skills below you feel you’d like to check us out, email a cover note and pdf of your resume and samples to

(not in any order of preference)
– Understanding communicated design goals and requirements of both start-up businesses and established organizations to translate into identity concepts that are consistently on target with ongoing brand objectives.

– Designing and producing visually compelling layouts for printed collateral materials, identity packages, web site templates, packaging, signage, advertising and promotional pieces with an exceptional level of detail given to each piece. *Designing printed materials with low environmental-impact and exploring sustainable resources for project production is key in this position, as well as thoughtfulness toward designing with minimal waste.

– Working in a small, team-based environment and coordinating closely with the principal Graphic Designer in both the production and concept development of assigned projects. Understanding of studio policies, specific/unique client needs and administrative protocol required.

– Keeping a highly organized and efficient work flow, with strong attention to detail and time/priority management skills in order to meet tight deadlines.

- Execution of strong creativity, typography, color, layout and pre-press well as thinking outside the box. These ideas are conveyed primarily through hand sketches, and secondarily through computer generated comps. Photography and other artistic skills are appreciated.

- Good to strong verbal communication skills are required to explain individual ideas to the principal or to clients, as well as concise phone and multitasking abilities are helpful. Sharing of thoughts and ideas and having fun in the work environment is especially welcome.

– Proficient with Mac OSX environment, Macromedia Freehand MX (especially Freehand), and Adobe CS-CS2 programs (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop), including color correction skills in Photoshop, working with style sheets, layers, master pages, etc. Your heart must be in design though—with the ability to sketch and demonstrate your ideas. The sofware is just a tool with which to execute your vision.

– Occasionally directing photo shoots, creating custom vector illustration, and attending press checks. Ability to be flexible and try new things.

- Producing very clean comps and mechanicals of design concepts to help the client to better initially “see” what the piece will look like after production.

- Responsible for digitally archiving artwork upon completion of projects, (and details such as naming of project files) and filing things appropriately in job folders. Did we mention being organized with high attention to detail?

– Requires some knowledge of digital prepress processes as well as offset printing processes (4-color and spot-color, proofing processes). Of course, some of this you’ll learn here.

**following design thru “the Mulch way”....classic typographic approaches combined with a progressive take on style and proprietary design with special attention to client’s creative requests.

**warning: we play a lot of drum n’ bass (and jazz) here! Ideally you'll like this realm of electronic music, as the owner promotes a DnB monthly at the local club here and plays a lot of that style of  music in the office.

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